Urban Quarter Shopping Village Redevelopment

CONTRACT BUILD -  $3.3million

AGC were contracted to convert the previous supermarket into commercial offices ready for a new tenant as per the brief description of the proposed redevelopment below:

  •  Demolition and disposal off-site of redundant services, fixtures and fittings.
  • Conversion of the former ‘Coles’ Supermarket tenant space into commercial offices (3 separate tenants).
  • Introduction of a lift servicing the basement parking up to the offices above.
  • Amalgamation/Alteration of other retail spaces into separate office areas.
  • Upgrade of centre’s common area finishes (Predominately floor tiling, electrical fittings, front auto sliding doors, office shopfronts where required and painting).
  • Minor works in the semi-basement parking to accommodate revised car parking layouts (new security fence, line-marking and miscellaneous demolition).
  • Architectural works externally such as new awnings, new windows cut into precast concrete façade, painting, etc.
  • Upgrade/rectification of associated building services to accommodate changes as above including introduction of passenger lift from basement into office space above.
  • New tenancies to have separate Authority electrical metering connected to new individual switchboards.
  • New HVAC to service the tenancy (non-occupied tenancies only) connected to the individual Authority Electrical Meter.
  • Maintain existing sprinkler demarcation (and adjust as required by the design) and existing smoke exhaust fans unless written approval obtained to remove.