Key People

Our management team, with their depth of experience and combination of skills has delivered an impressive portfolio of projects. Together, we have built a vibrant company with the drive and capability to exceed our clients’ expectations on even the most challenging of projects.

Our ability to provide exceptional value and meet deadlines without compromising on quality has inspired remarkable loyalty in our clients and we are particularly proud of our high level of repeat business. AGC’s strong track record is a clear indicator of our success in working with local communities. Good relationships and open communication with local stakeholders enable us to deliver smart project designs and mutually successful business outcomes.

A. Gabrielli Constructions is directly represented in Townsville by Adrian Gabrielli as Managing Director. Key members of the Management Team include:

Adrian Gabrielli

Managing Director

Adrian has over 30years’ experience as a Managing Director of Gabrielli Group which, incorporates A Gabrielli Constructions (AGC), Gabcon and Northern Plant Hire.

Adrian is a Queensland State Executive Member representing the state for Master Builders. Having been a member on several boards, such as Master Builders, Construction Training Queensland and Torgas Apprentice and Trainee, Adrian is well versed with the construction industry within Queensland and understands the role his companies play within the region.

Adrian is well known in the region due to his involvement in Master Builders. The Gabrielli Group has been a Master Builders member for 50 years and have a solid reputation offering a high standard within the necessary timeframes and budgets. Adrian is a professional builder with over 30 years’ continuous experience in major projects.

Adrian is the nominated Project Director responsible for;

  • Contribute to the co-operative efforts of the project;
  • Responsible for the corporate performance of Gabrielli Group;
  • Communication and developing relationships with clients;
  • Lead on all construction aspects of the companies work through providing strategic and professional guidance to the management team;
  • Overall responsibility for all Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental issues;
  • Set targets, objectives and clear responsibilities for all supervisory staff;
  • Ensure management and contracts team follow agreed control procedures;
  • Monitor construction programs;
  • Monitor environmental impact and issues;
  • Monitor quality and site safety;
  • Monitor cost control;
  • Approve construction reports;
  • Approve all price submissions; and
  • Ensure client satisfaction upon completion of project.



  • • QBCC Licensed Builder Open Builder Licence No. 710925
  • • Trade Qualified Carpenter
  • • Rail Industry Workers Card
  • • Construction Health and Safety Card
  • • Asbestos Removal Licence 
  • • State Executive Board Member for QBMA
  • • Member of the Queensland Master Builders Association (QMBA) since 1966
  • • Member of the QMBA North Queensland Committee of Management
  • • Board member for the Cyclone Testing Station
  • • Torgas Apprenticeship and Traineeship Board member.

Bernard Travers

Construction Manager

Bernie has worked with AGC for over 15 years, previously as a Site Manager/ Foreman and now as the Design & Project Manager. His skills as an organizer and communicator have seen him excel in all areas of managing projects.

Bernie has played a fundamental role in implementing Aconex/Oracle. Aconex is a specialized cloud-based software to aid the efficiency of Project Management.

Bernie specializes in managing projects to ensure that all Site Managers/ Foremen have enough equipment, machinery, personnel and materials for the task at hand; thus, ensuring the project stays in time with the construction program.

Bernard is the Nominated Project Manager and responsible for:

  • Allocate resources.
  • Liaise with site manager and site foreman on a daily basis.
  • Logistical management of plant and equipment.
  • Ensure quality is to the appropriate standard.
  • Monitor adherence to environmental plan.
  • Ensure site safety is continuously complied with.
  • Ensure the construction is running at optimum efficiency and in line with the construction program.
  • Converse information between the site and head office.
  • Direct subcontractors and delegate to our superintendents.
  • Ensure that all site personnel uphold the HSEQ standards throughout the project through assisting the HSEQ manager.
  • Oversee and direct the project from conception through to the end of the defects period.
  • Review with the management team the project in depth, to ensure scheduling of procurement and trades correspond with the construction program.
  • Coordinate personnel to ensure sufficient employees or subcontractors are available to perform a task on site;
  • Analyse, manage and mitigate risks with the project team.
  • Communicate effectively with management team, contractors and stakeholders.


  • QBCC Licence Builder
  • Diploma in Management
  • Diploma in Building and Construction
  • Trade Qualified Carpenter
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Asbestos Removal Licence Class B
  • Rail Industry Workers Card
  • Construction Health and Safety Card
  • Licensed to operate Forklift, EWP, Backhoe, Skid Steer and Excavator

Kris Williams

Project Manager

Kris has 15 years’ experience as a Project Manager/ Engineer in the civil and construction industry.

Kris has previously played a fundamental role with AGC, being accredited by the Federal Safety Commissioner, having implemented new systems alongside our HSE Manager. This has enabled AGC to expand our scope as a successful company for larger government projects.

Kris performed the role as Project Manager on the Stuart Yard Consolidation Project with Aurizon, from the original concept, through the design phase, construction stage and through handover and defects. Due to Kris being involved from the concept design, meant AGC were able to offer alternative suggestions that saved the client money and time.

Kris joined AGC after a long stint in Tier 1 contractors within the industry and has again recently returned to AGC, after being the Senior Project Engineer on the Haughton Riverway Floodplain Upgrade Project Allocate resources.

As AGC’s Project Manager, Kris’ responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Design control of consultants
  • Allocate Resources
  • Liaise with Construction and Civil Superintendents
  • Assign work tasks to site Engineers
  • Oversee set-out works and continually monitor positioning of elements.
  • Ensure Quality is to the appropriate standard.
  • Monitor adherence to Environmental Plan.
  • Ensure Site Safety is continuously complied with
  • Ensure all works are carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • Ensure the Construction is running at optimum efficiency and in line with the Construction Program
  • Maintain Construction Progress Diary.
  • Ensure Site Safety and Prepare Safety Reports.
  • Assist with project management in regard to cost control, estimating, programming etc.
  • Preparation of monthly reporting.
  • Communicate and liaise with client and consultants. 
  • BA Eng (Civil) – James Cook University (2002-2005)
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Work Safely at Heights
  • Enter Confined Space
  • Issue Work Permits
  • Work Accordance with Issued Permit
  • Best Practice in Sediment & Erosion Control
  • Course in Workplace Drug Testing
  • Identify, Locate and Protect Under Ground Services

Caroline Burgess

Employment Relations, HR and Finance Manager

Reporting directly to the Managing Director & Commercial Manager, Caroline is the key to the AGC financial sector. Caroline has worked for AGC for over 25 years and is a key person in our team. Her role has adapted from company accountant into the human resources role over the decades. Caroline manages the team of employees for all accounting matters and administration roles within the company.

Having gained knowledge on working relations and human resources Caroline advises and liaises with all personnel to ensure that legislation is met.

Caroline has played a key role with the introduction of AGC’s IBMS in regard to finance and HR. This new system means that all employees are employed in a fair environment without discrimination.

As AGC’s Financial Manager, Caroline’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • • Maintaining and managing relationships between key stakeholders including the, Unions, subcontractors and employer associations.
  • • Assisting in dispute resolution with the primary aim to resolve issues as low in the hierarchy as possible.
  • • Ensuring compliance with changes to Modern Awards, Enterprise Agreement and relevant legislation and providing advice on same.
  • • Assisting the project team in minimising/eliminating industrial risk.
  • • Delivering workplace relations training to Project staff.
  • • Human Resource management of AGC’s direct workforce
  • • Maintaining the master documents for Finance within AGC’s IMBS
  • • Responsible for accounting and administration employees
  • • Overseeing the workloads and assigning appropriate tasks to office employees
  • • Advisor to all financial matters including contracts with clients, subcontractors and suppliers
  • • Manage all bank accounts including other subsidy companies of Gabrielli Group and trust accounts
  • • Responsible for ensuring procedures are followed throughout purchasing, claims and payment of accounts.



  • • Bachelor of commerce (accounting major)
  • • Construction white card
  • • First aid
  • • Rail industry workers card

Jennifer Bojocan

Contract Administrator

Jennifer has over 10 years’ experience working for AGC in an administration / accounting role, with over 5 years’ experience as a Contracts Administrator.

Jennifer’s personal family background comes from a large joinery company, so she has grown up within the construction industry.

Jennifer has been instrumental in the implementation of the Aconex software system, including training other staff in the use of the program and conversing with Aconex, ensuring that the full potential of the system is utilized.

Jennifer plays a key role in the administration of projects and has proven experience working with the proposed project team for numerous projects.

Jennifer is the Nominated Contract Administrator and responsible for;

  • In liaison with Project Manager and Commercial Manager to prepare, issue and monitor subcontract documentation.
  • Monitor subcontractor variation approval and variation register.
  • Monitor and assess subcontractor compliance with their terms and conditions throughout the project and on completion.
  • Ensure that subcontractor claims are submitted on time and in the required format with relevant information if required and are addressed in accordance with the subcontract.
  • Responsible for the upkeep of Aconex including setting up the project.
  • Liaise with local council and authorities to ensure relevant permits are in place.
  • Assist with the commissioning and handover plan.
  • Cert IV in Building and Construction (contracts Administration)
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Rail Industry Workers Card
  • Justice of Peace

Richard Gabrielli

Construction Superintendent

Richard maintains over 20 years of experience within civil, commercial and residential construction. Richard is directly responsible for general day to day running and organisation of onsite activities and the monitoring of everyday trade practices. His track record in the industry has resulted in strong relationships with trade contractors and is a testament to his professionalism.

Richard mentors our apprentices and trainees on site ensuring that AGC’s policy and stance on upskilling the future trades within the construction industry are fulfilled.

Richard was previously our Construction manager across all projects. At the end of 2019 Richard moved over to the role of a foreman.

As an AGC Foreman, Richard’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Co-ordinate with the Construction Manager in regard to requirements for operations
  • Coo-ordinate with the Environmental Office to ensure that environmental impacts are low
  • Promote safe and effective work practices
  • Co-ordination of trades contractors and
    subordinate personnel
  • Supervision of personnel engages on each project
  • Liaising with Project Architects, Engineers, Principal’s Representatives, Clients and Construction Personnel
  • Weekly Progress reporting on all projects directly to the Projects Manager and Managing Director


  • QBCC Licence Builder – Low Rise
  • Advanced Building Certificate
  • Workplace Health and Safety Officer
  • Licenced to Operate Rollers, Skid Steer Loaders, Backhoes, Excavators, EWP, Forklifts and Self Erecting Cranes.
  • HR Licence
  • Asbestos Removal Licence (B Class)
  • Rail Industry Workers Card
  • Construction Health and Safety Card
  • Senior First Aid Certificate

A. Gabrielli Construction's Foremen have recognised knowledge and experience in leading construction projects. All supervisors are trade qualified Carpenters and in most cases, registered builders with the Queensland Building Services Authority. A. Gabrielli Constructions and its preferred Subcontractors and Suppliers Team are committed team players who will interact and liaise with the client's nominated representative, to provide the best outcome possible for the proposed projects. We bring together the focus of a strong local presence with the experience and resource base of a significant North Queensland organisation.