Privacy Policy

Gabrielli Constructions is subject to the provisions of relevant privacy legislation. This legislation aims to protect personal information and safeguards the collection and use of tax file numbers. It therefore gives individuals rights in relation to how their personal information is handled by:

  • Credit providers and credit reporting agencies;
  • All who hold and use tax file numbers; and
  • Any organisation which requests previous conviction information.

Gabrielli Constructions’ policy on the collection, use and control of personal information is as follows:

  • Personal information collected or generated by our organisation will be directly related to the functions and activities of our organisation and will be collected in a lawful and fair manner;
  • Gabrielli Constructions will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that individuals from whom it collects personal information understand what is being collected, how it is to be used and by whom;
  • Gabrielli Constructions will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that personal information it holds is not unnecessarily intrusive upon an individual's personal affairs;
  • Gabrielli Constructions will take every reasonable step to ensure the security of personal information;
  • Subject to its obligations under relevant Freedom of Information legislation and any other law relating to privacy A. Gabrielli Constructions will permit individuals to have access to personal information it holds about them;
  • Gabrielli Constructions will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the personal information it stores and uses is kept up to date in terms of relevance, accuracy and completeness;
  • Gabrielli Constructions will use personal information only for purposes which are relevant; and
  • Gabrielli Constructions will not release outside the organisation the personal information it holds unless provided for by law or with the consent of the individual to whom the information relates.

In the application of the policy, A. Gabrielli Constructions acknowledges the obligations it has toward the personal information it holds on individuals. It also recognises that our staff require access to personal information consistent with their responsibilities to other staff and that this requirement brings with it an obligation for staff to understand and acknowledge the nature and limits of their access to and use of personal information.

Just as A. Gabrielli Constructions and our staff have obligations toward personal information so too do individuals who are required to provide that information. If A. Gabrielli Constructions is to ensure the quality and accuracy of the personal information it collects then this places an obligation upon an individual to provide relevant and accurate information to our organisation.

  • Gabrielli Constructions recognises and accepts its obligation to ensure that staff are fully aware of their responsibilities under the Act and will accordingly provide appropriate training opportunities.

This Privacy Policy is approved and issued by: