Townsville Railway Roof Restoration Project

CONTRACT BUILD -  $1.2million

AGC were contracted to restore the iconic Townsville Railway Station Roof due to termite damage and various corrosion issues.

The building is listed in the Queensland Rail Heritage Asset Register and the Queensland Heritage Register as a State registered place and as such all modifications or refurbishment works will be subject to the provisions of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 and in accordance with the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter, 2013.

The Burra Charter provides guidance for the conservation and management of places of cultural significance (cultural heritage places). Conservation is an integral part of the management of places of cultural significance and is an ongoing responsibility that is recognised and respected by AGC.

For this project AGC was required to obtain a Heritage exemption from Queensland Rail (QR) to undertake the works. Working with QR we were able to establish strong communication links so that decisions were made swiftly and in conjunction with the keeping of the heritage listed building.

Works included replacing lighting, replace sheeting on awnings, repainting all the cast iron work, replace the gutters, replace the heritage rainheads to be in keeping with the previous style, re-point brickwork and wash down all brickwork, upgrade the roof to cyclonic standards and recondition the old steel downpipes.  

AGC acknowledged the importance of maintaining and protecting the history associated with the old Townsville Railway Station building and worked in close conjunction with Queensland Rail to ensure the final product was in keeping with this history. AGC were thrilled to be a part of this restoration work due to the historic factor for the Townsville community. 

AGC won the 2017 North Queensland Master Builders Award for Refurbishment/ Renovation $501,000 - $2 Million Category for this project.