Stuart Yard Consolidation Project - Aurizon

CONTRACT BUILD -  $26million

AGC were contracted to provide the design and construction of the new Freight Distribution Centre including an intermodal pad. We proposed to break the project down into manageable packages and engage subcontractors to specifically utilise their core business strengths to the benefit of the project. This has reduced risk to the program providing opportunities for additional resources to be used if circumstances arose where this was deemed necessary.

Having a long standing relationship with subcontractors throughout Queensland has enabled us to have strong business relationships. AGC have been proactive throughout this project due to AGC’s direct (and transparent) communication with Aurizon. The Aurizon representative has maintained a high level of involvement and input into the project which again has added to prompt directions and decisions.

The project has achieved all the desired inclusions devised over a six-month design negotiation period. With an innovative approach AGC adopted a post tension concrete design which has fast tracked programs and delivered a far superior pavement resulting in savings to client and early completion benefits. The photos show the new Freight Distribution Centre and Intermodal pad. Due to the logistic safety and climate condition shift work was required to complete this concrete package.

During this project AGC were audited by the Federal Safety Commission (FSC) and were accredited with the FSC for our high standards of Health and Safety.

AGC won the North Queensland Master Builders Award for Industrial Building 2017 for this project.