St Patricks School The Strand


Another award winning project constructed by AGC St Patricks College consisted of the construction of a three storey classroom block, fire pump house, covered verandahs and courtyard, all landscaping and civil works. 

Winner of the Master Builders $1 to $15million Educational Facility 2015 Award St Patricks was a great success. The project at St Patricks College was developed for the expansion of an established school in Townsville.  The school caters for Prep through to Secondary students and these new additions to the college are part of the college’s master plan to offer modern and fresh facilities to their students.

The new block contains sufficient space to allow for setting up tasks, shutters for easy access/egress, covered walkways and outdoor areas, large storage areas and a dust extraction system.  The design allows a light and airy space for students to work in a vibrant environment.

Block B is a three storey classroom block that has been created for art, home economics, science and textiles.  Block B contains new classrooms, which contain all the latest equipment, plus storage areas   A lift has been installed to enable access for disabled students. 

The Art Courtyard at ground floor level incorporate both a kiln enclosure together with an ample kiln storage room.  Both Art Rooms (Art 1 & 2) comprise of  vinyl floors in order to easily clean spills, thereby maintaining the integrity of clean working spaces. 

A carpeted lift is accessible from the ground floor to enable students and other disabled person access to the floors above.

The first floor plan comprises 3 classrooms plus a flexible learning centre.  A concreted deck extends out from the verandah.  Toilets have been installed alongside the flexible learning centre.  This has the added advantage of easy access to these facilities by both disabled students and visitors.  An operable wall is installed between Rooms GLA 1 & 3 to enable flexibility for learning instruction between the two classrooms.

The second floor also comprise a flexible learning centre.  Externally, these flexible learning centres on both floors make the external features of the building aesthetically pleasing.    In the area where the toilets were located on the first floor, there is a large storage room.  The lift comes up to this floor to enable disabled persons access to this floor. 

As for the first floor, there is a covered verandah walkway which accesses all classrooms in all weather conditions.  Within this area, on all floors are bag racks for the student’s use.

Colourbond roofing and contrasting balustrading along the verandah area completes an aesthetically pleasing learning block within the school grounds.  

Landscaping is a vital aspect to this project with tree planting not only to aid with noise pollution but also making the project look appealing and attractive for the surrounding residents living in this area. The overall look of landscaping had to be resilient to the area of planting around classrooms but aesthetically pleasing.