St Mary's Campus of Columba Catholic College

CONTRACT BUILD - $4million

AGC were contracted for the renovation, refurbishment and reconfiguration works across multiple buildings. Our scope of works upon award of the project consisted of the demolition of existing Blocks C and D, part demolition of Mercy House Annex, Refurbishment of Mercy House and conversion of the ground floor administration.       

The newly renovated buildings had a new lease of life whilst their appearance remained in keeping with the traditional façade. The new Quadrangle formed in front of Mercy House allows for the building to be appreciated for its history and naturally charming verandahs within the surrounding grounds and complimented well with existing and new constructed buildings.   Building materials and colour schemes were consistent with existing buildings, however the main features of the building have been kept intact and restored to become an enhancing feature throughout the building. The crossover of old and new has been aesthetically yet supporting the durability and longevity through appropriate material selection. The renovation included matching many timber products from specialised timber manufacturers that were able to recreate the magnificent period of this building.

This project won the Master Builders Awards for Educational Facility $1 to $5million in 2016.