St Clare's Catholic School, Burdell - Stage 3

Our Works

A.Gabrielli Construction’s began works at St Clare’s Catholic School in early April 2013. Our scope of works upon award of tender consisted of the following:

  • Construction of 4 new classroom blocks including 10 new GLA’s
  • Extension of one classroom block to construct two new GLA’s
  • Construction of new carpark and roadway
  • External works including paving and paths
  • Civil works including site cut & fill and stormwater infrastructure
  • Hydraulic Works including Stormwater drainage, Sanitary drainage & water supply
  • Electrical Works
  • Mechanical Works

Challenges & Restrictions

Firstly, the location of the site had very hard ground which provided AGC with challenges in the ability to be able to dig into the ground and also the ability to be able to dig trenches. Therefore AGC had to carefully consider how it would quickly handle this situation effectively and efficiently in order to keep the project both on schedule and budget. This was a challenge that required AGC to obtain more heavy equipment on site to handle and overcome this unexpected challenge of the site ground and was carefully managed internally to ensure the project would continue to meet the strict timeframe of the contract period.

Secondly, the locations of the buildings within the school were very closely associated which created a challenge to ensure the school could continue with little interference whilst construction was underway. Correspondence with the client enabled AGC to create their site plan to suit the activities of the school and maximise the worksite; and continual management with employees and subcontractors ensured that the worksite was accessible.


The project at St. Clare’s Catholic School was a major success for all parties involved. The four new buildings were visually appealing within the school community environment through the array of different vibrant colours and the use of attractive building materials. The face brickwork gave the school a smart and “high-quality” feel with the two alternative types of brick effectively contrasting each other. The shaded area between the buildings also reflected a bright and cheerful feel to the school environment.  

AGC has successfully developed a welcoming and high quality finish which has increased the appeal of St. Clare’s Catholic School.

As it can be seen from the following pictures which were taken at the completion of construction; our work has been completed with the highest quality in meeting and going beyond the expectations of all those involved.