Master Builders Apprentice of the Year 2015

Steven Cowan came to our organisation as a School Based Apprentice in 2012 and at the Master Builders Awards night became the Apprentice of the Year 2015.

For a young person Steven demonstrates a considerable amount of maturity, and leadership. This is demonstrated in all aspects of Steven’s life. Coming from a family and an upbringing on the land, a cattle station just out of Hughenden, Steven has been instilled with strong work ethics, grounded life style and honourable morals. This has helped shaped his personality and working career thus far. He has proven to be a natural leader and does not shy from accepting responsibility, being large or small. The way in which he communicates with all levels of staff cannot be faulted. He shows respect to all his fellow employees and all parts of management. Steven has realised that success is what you make of it and success cannot be achieved without a strong team and effective communication.

Steven continually proves to our company and fellow employees that he is keen, willing, enthusiastic and capable Apprentice Carpenter. When presented with a new task his does not hesitate to learn the ins and out of the job that has been given to him. He is constantly looking at ways to further his skills and knowledge in the construction industry and will not shy away from any job. He has shown the determination to stick at a task until it is 100% complete and to a standard that is expected of a true trade’s person. Steven has worked closely with our Construction Manager Richard Gabrielli during his employment at Gabrielli Construction and Richard has come to rely heavily on Stevens’s abilities, reliability, commitment and leadership to ensure that our projects are completed on time and to a high standard.

AGC look forward to extending Steven's skills and knowledge in the future as a qualified carpenter. 

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