James Cook University Peer to Peer

Our Works

A. Gabrielli Construction’s began works at James Cook University in late February 2014. Our scope of works upon award of the project consisted of the following:

  • Construction of an outdoor courtyard learning space
  • Construction of amphitheatre
  • Construction and Refurbishment of an Indoor learning space
  • Demolition of existing internal space
  • External works including paths, ramps and access to building
  • Electrical Works
  • Mechanical Works
  • Construction of PWD’s and toilets
  • Construction of outdoor seating
  • Installation of landscaping
  • Construction of indoor learning space with LCD televisions and whiteboards

Challenges & Restrictions

AGC worked efficiently with the client to ensure that work was completed as to minimise disruption to university classes and exams throughout the duration of the works. AGC ensured that the health, safety and well-being of all student and staff surrounding the site was of utmost importance.

AGC & subcontractors used the University access roads and car parks throughout the duration of the project at down times in traffic to ensure minimum disturbance was caused to the university and its students.

AGC also had an agreement with James Cook University to establish and maintain a strategy for access routes and times that deliveries and concrete pours could occur. Correspondence was maintained with JCU’s representative for all matters in relation to this throughout the project.


The project at James Cook University was a major success for all those involved. The outdoor learning centre was appealing within the University’s learning environment through the array of different vibrant colours and the use of attractive building materials.

The indoor learning space provides students with a large air-conditioned room with a mix of furniture options including social seating and tables, booths with tables, whiteboards and LCD screens which provide students with an advantageous area to conduct group-work and assignments.

The Courtyard was constructed to celebrate the dry tropical environment and provides appropriate shade and furniture to support group work and social gatherings between peers. The incorporation of timber slats on the ceiling above the outdoor learning area portrays a modern and smart architectural design; perfect for a university environment.

As seen from the following pictures which were taken throughout the construction stages; our work is completed with the highest quality.