Design & Construct Works

AGC has also completed a number of Design and Construct Projects which proves our reliability to work with, and understand the needs of both the architect and the client.

Project Project Management Start Date Finish Date Contract Amount
Aitkenvale State School PDT Architects 7/11/2010 1/04/2011 $656,642
Ayr East State School Jon Kuskoph and Associates 1/10/2009 1/02/2010 $1,897,000
Balaclava Kindergarten MCD 2/11/2010 1/05/2011 $1,164,850
Balaclava State School MCD 26/05/2010 1/05/2011 $2,200,000
Belgian Gardens State School MCD 2/06/2009 10/03/2010 $2,705,917
Bluewater State School MCD 29/07/2009 1/03/2010 $1,667,000
Bohlevale State School MCD 29/09/2009 3/03/2010 $2,591,750
Brandon State School MCD 10/05/2010 18/12/2010 $713,500
Calvary Christian College PDT Architects 1/09/10 1/07/2011 $3,121,000
Charters Towers  Central State School ARUP 21/6/2010 1/04/2011 $1,869,945 
Charters Towers State High Jon Kuskoph and Associates 30/10/2009 31/12/2009 $134,090
Cranbrook State School Rigdemill Projects 26/08/2009 13/04/2010 $2,590,636
Cranbrook State School Rigdemill Projects 3/04/2010 20/07/2010 $1,72,764
Currajong State School Hansen and Yuncken 16/07/2010 1/02/2011 $2,026,590
Marian School Dillon Architects 12/04/2010 1/04/2011 $3,157,220
Millchester State School Jon Kuskoph and Associates 1/10/2009 1/02/2010 $119,375
Nothern Beaches State High School Thinc 18/12/2009 16/08/2010 $1,450,000
Ooonoonba State School Hansen and Yuncken 16/07/2010 1/03/2011 $1,845,000
Parramata State High School MCD 5/05/2009 8/03/2010 $2,310,867
Pimlico State High School
- Block H
IA GRoup 26/07/2010 20/12/2010 $870,100
Pimlico State High School
- Block D
IA GRoup 26/7/2010 20/12/2010 $695,200
Ramussen State School Jon Kuskoph and Associates 12/10/2009 13/06/2010 $170,000
Rasmussen State School ARUP 30/10/2009 11/01/2010 $104,140
Redlynch State College MCD 26/05/2010 1/05/2011 $2,600,000
Southern Cross Catholic School Dillon Architects 17/06/2010 1/04/2011 $327,3530
St Josephs, The Strand Dillon Architects 6/10/2009 2/11/2010 $3,594,850
Whitfield State  School MCD 5/05/2009 11/03/2010 $2,600,000
Yarrabah State School Lambert and Rehbein 26/05/2010 1/05/2011 $1,425,000
QR Bohle Warehouse Queensland Rail 31/01/2013 01/05/2013 $1,000,000
QAS QAS 07/01/2012 25/02/2012 $400,000
Camooweal Church St Joseph’s School, Mt Isa 07/08/2012 19/09/2012 $100,000
Ignatius Park Covered Area Ignatius Park 23/03/2012 23/07/2012 $450,000
Hitachi Hardstand Area Hitachi 21/01/2013 22/02/2013 $200,000
Stuart Yard Consolidation Project  Aurizon 07/01/2016 30/11/2016 $26,000,000

Recent D&C Projects

Stuart Yard Consolidation 

AGC were contracted to provide the design and construction of the new Freight Distribution Centre including an intermodal pad. We proposed to break the project down into manageable packages and engage subcontractors to specifically utilise their core business strengths to the benefit of the project.

QR Bohle Workshop

This project was a public design and construct tender for a historical maintenance shed. After all tender prices were collated with the client the project was still over budget. AGC was the lowest tender bid and worked with the client, architect and engineers to redesign and ultimately bring costs down. AGC liaised with the architect for design and drawings in an ongoing process throughout the project. The project ran on time and on budget (after re-design).

Ignatius Park

Covered Area & Fire Services – this project was a request from the Principal Michael Con to join the existing hall and classrooms with a covered area. This project incorporated demolition and installation of a covered pavement area. Through consultation with the architect and engineers prompted requirements that fire services had to be installed for QFRS to certify the project. AGC with the architect and engineers solved this issue by upgrading surrounding buildings and constructing a fire ring main and booster pump to meet QFRS requirements.

Queensland Ambulance Service

This project was a design and construct public tender. The tender incorporated a design brief, AGC liaised in conjunction with an architect and engineer to create a design layout for a project to meet the design brief. The timeline was especially critical on this project as the construction was to be undertaken in the communication and operation hub of the QAS. AGC completed the project on time and extremely efficiently.

BER Projects

These projects were design and construct public tenders, they were given a budget and building design layout brief. AGC won a number of BER Design and Construct Projects; for all these projects AGC was able to increase the size of the buildings, enhance and add extra value through thoughtful design to the economy value of the buildings.